Entry Requirements

The 4A’s Partner Awards recognizes great creative partnerships.

Each entry must include:

  • Video of the work, or one 2 to 3-minute video showcasing the work and the partnership. A custom case study is not required but is helpful for judges to understand the merits of the partnership. 

  • A summary (300 words or less) explaining how the work was uniquely created or benefited by the partnership(s), and results achieved.
  • The full name of each partner company and a short description (100 words or less) of each partner’s role and contribution.

NOTE: In the event that your work wins, you will need to provide a 1-minute edited version of your video for presentation at the Awards ceremony in April. You can include this video edit with your entry, if you’d like, along with the required video of the work or a 2 to 3-minute case study.


  • Digital video(s) must be uploaded through the 4A’s Partner Awards entry website.
  • Finalists’ and winners’ videos will be shown in a public venue, so please ensure that all rights have been cleared.
  • Resolution 640 x 480 pixels (minimum)
  • File type .mov, .mp4, and .wmv
  • Compression h264
  • Sound AAC 44khz
  • File size up to 60 MB

Winning entries:

If the entry should win, the entering agency will be recognized as the winner and receive a statue. All partner companies will be able to purchase duplicate statues.